The first step to planning a service session for your dog is setting up a Meet and Greet! You and your dog can come check out our facility and we will have a brief discussion about your dogs needs. We are primarily looking for overt aggression toward me or one of my personal helper dogs. 

Meet and Greets are 30-60 min long

Sat-Sun 1 & 3 pm. 

Need a little time to focus on work or family? Want to spend a guilt free days hiking or visiting friends? Drop your dog off at Hang Around Hound for all day open play with their friends! Energetic dogs, hyper puppies, sleepy seniors, hang Around Hound can handle a range of sizes and personalities to create a personalized experience for you pup.

Half Days: Up to 6 hours 

Daycare: Up to 12 hours 

Between the hours of 7am - 7pm

Late pick up avalible 7pm - 9pm for an additional fee

When planning a much needed vacation for yourself with family and friends, don't forget to plan a STAY-cation for your best pal! We have multiple accommodations avalible to suit even the most timid dogs. Hang Around Hound is staffed 24 hours a day so there is always someone avalible to tend your dogs needs through out their stay.